It’s wrong that our City Council has chosen not to disclose crucial information to the public about coronavirus clusters. It’s also unacceptable for the city to refuse to release evaluations of the city manager and city attorney by the council.

These issues give a snapshot of business, as usual, at City Hall and what it has looked like for the last three-and-a-half years.

If there’s one issue all El Pasoans agree on with local government, it is that transparency is not a priority. That’s why there is so much mistrust in our City Council.

It is also clear that the majority of our representatives take their cues from the mayor. Before votes are cast, a decision has already been made.

We need city representatives that will think for themselves and vote to benefit the people of our communities. And, that is not happening with today’s leadership.

My opponent clings to an idea that the public was harmed when information about the city manager’s renewed contract was leaked to the media in 2018.  And, he has called for the city to be able to muzzle future examples.

Such an effort only keeps the public from truly knowing what’s happening at City Hall. And, it does little to shed the mistrust the public has for our local government.

I’ve decided to run because I want to end that. I want the public to have confidence in its elected officials to do the right thing. It should mean something when there are individuals willing to share confidential information with the press.

It’s a sign that something is wrong or that the public is about to be harmed by a decision.

Transparency does not mean you provide the press with a statement when they have more questions or leave when a meeting is finished without asking reporters if they need to know more about your vote.

It means listening to residents when they are truly concerned about an issue. It also means listening to your colleagues when they have a differing opinion than you do.

To be a transparent city representative means you advocate for the public to know how you are going to spend taxpayers’ money on projects, plans and contracts.

My pledge to the public is this:

*My office will be open to any member of the public who wants to better our city.

*The press will have my personal cell phone number and I will make myself available for any interviews or questions about my votes.

*Residents of District 7 can count on me to continue holding community meetings twice a month or as needed during emergencies.

*I will provide briefings after regular and special city council meetings on my social media to provide the public with insight on my votes and how I decided what I did.

*I will advocate for City Council meetings to be conducted throughout the city and at later times to make meetings more accessible to the public.

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